Our Programs

12-Week Programs

App-based home- or gym-based workouts for less than $30/week

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12 weeks customized training progression

Initial consultation & assessment

Coaching calls: (week 1 goal setting, week 6 check in, week 11 reflections)

Measurement & Photo benchmarks (week 1 and week 12)

Access to private Facebook community

12 Week Program

Our 12-week exercise programs are tailored to each client, making it truly a personalised experience. Whether you workout at home, in nauture or at the gym, we will take the information you give us in and make sure you get exactly what you need to be stronger, leaner and with more stamina, for under $30/week (through 2018).



1 Whole Year, 1 Whole You! 

Reinvent yourself with our behavior shifting, habit building coaching that will change your life, up your energy and give you back your confidence for less than $100/month!

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One full, transformative year of lifestyle coaching and app-based personal training. Our signature full package takes you on a deep dive into your “whys” and provides daily connection with us to help you along your path toward your optimal health. In one year, you will Look Better, Feel Better and Be Better than you are right now! Sign up today and get:

52 weeks of coaching, beginning with an initial consultation, assessment and goal setting.

Close contact with your coach through email, social media, phone and/or Skype/FaceTime for premium accountability for consistency.

Access to our private community

Customized workouts delivered to your phone for home or gym exercise

  • Please note why we have you pay for your year in advance. We run our premier program in cohorts of 10 or fewer to ensure your first class experience with us. The dynamics of group support work better with the cohesion built up over time. Your presence is important. We commit the year to you, and so we help you commit the year to us.

One Whole Year, One Whole You

This transformative coaching year with us will take you on a journey from who you are right now toward who you want to be – in control of your weight, your health, your energy and your life. We ask you to commit up front for the whole year, because, we block out the whole year to be with you as you learn to eat and exercise for the body you want as well as how to keep this up for a lifetime of health and happiness.



SPECIAL!! 8-Week Exclusive Lifestyle Transformation

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This 8-week special will see you sprinting across the 2018 finish line and bursting onto the 2019 scene with youthful energy! Using the same program that has helped millions of people lose weight, transform their bodies and reinvigorate their lives, you will be in good company as we are only inviting Generation X in to participate.  Born in the 1960s or 1970s? This program is designed specifically for this age group:

  • Weight management
  • Energy
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure & diabetes
  • Fortified immunity
  • Healthy bones, joints and muscles
  • Mobility, strength, stamina

The Last 8 Weeks

This year, keep your last New Year’s resolution! Run through the finish line lean, strong and energetic, ready to take on 2019 with all it has to offer!