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It took exactly 0.84 seconds for Google to pull up 587,000,000 articles when I typed “diet and exercise” into the search bar.


A “lose weight” search took 0.79 seconds to retrieve 578,000,000 references.


There is no shortage of information out there, for sure, but the sheer number can be overwhelming or even paralyzing.


Let’s face it.  You already know, don’t you.  I find it a little ironic that I have dedicated my entire career for the past 20 years building my reputation as someone who can help you with diet and exercise, although you already know, and I know you know.


Whether you’re a career woman, or the partner in a marriage who opted out of a career to support the other’s international career….whether or not you have children…no matter what your education level is now, or where you aspire it to be, I know some things about you.  


You, the expat woman over the age of 40, have the typical concerns of most women over the age of 40.


  • You already know what you need to do to lose weight and maintain your current level of fitness, right? (hint: eat less, exercise more)
  • You are ageing – aren’t we all?
  • Your body is not as responsive to your efforts in weight loss and weight management like it once was.
  • You are frustrated by that.  
  • You have a closet full of clothes that a) you love but don’t feel right in anymore or b) fit your body but you don’t love them – they were purchased to accommodate the body you have, not the body you want.
  • You miss feeling energetic, confident and comfortable in your favorite outfits.
  • You stand stoically for group photos, silently wishing you had made your way to the back of the group. Everyone does, believe me.


Expat women have even more in common to cope with.


  • You may be living in a climate you are new to.
  • Your circle of friends may be wide, but probably not deep – either you have moved and have to find your footing in the established community of expat women or your immediate circle of friends has moved on and you’re welcoming new women into your circle of friends. It takes time to establish the intimacy required for adult playdates and personal conversations about such things as menopause, marital challenges and financial strains.
  • Finding all of your exercise options and best food sources can take months, especially if you’ve left behind your favorite yoga or Spinning® instructor and the guys who deliver fresh produce to your door.


Yet through these challenges and more, when it comes to managing things like menopause, weight gain and lack luster energy, just ask anyone and I’ll bet they’ll say, “I know. I know what I have to do.”  


You already know what you need to do to lose weight and have optimal health, right?


So, what is the problem? Why are you and so many expat women unhappy, insecure and frustrated with their aging bodies?


Stephen Covey is credited with the eye opening phrase:  To know and not do is really not to know.


Wow, how this speaks to me.  I’m not only an educated, well traveled life-long expat, I’m a fitness professional; I should know! Yet I struggle. I struggle Every ~ Single ~ Day.


I struggle to exercise on my own if my personal trainer cancels our session.  I struggle with naked mirror time, because my 20-something head has not caught up with my 50-something body. I struggle with the appetite of the athlete that I no longer am. And more often than I care to admit, I find myself standing with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  


I offer up this raw testimonial because while I’m a damn good coach, I am far from perfect – which in fact, makes me a better coach – because I get you.


I feel it is essential to first offer you my personal conviction in my professional practice as health coach for expat women.  I want you to know that you are okay and that everything we do in health coaching pivots around the central pursuit of contentedness. Not the contentedness of ambivalence and disregard for personal growth, but the stability of feeling okay about yourself that allows you to push off this grounded contentment in pursuit of better health, as opposed to operating in a place of angst, fear and frustration.


Please connect with me if you are an expat woman over the age of 40. I know you know what you need to do…and I’m sure that if you find yourself in a group of other expat women over the age of 40 who are also wanting to get a handle on their energy, their fitness, their confidence and their health – you’ll be supported!


Join me for a FB Live seminar – we haven’t picked the date yet, but we’re excited to be working on it now. Make sure you connect with us:


Facebook:  Global Fitness: Health Coaching for Expat Women.


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