The Problem With a Great Life

Everyone wants to believe expat women have it all. Awesome careers, fabulous family adventures…and a maid.  This is an image you do not have to strive for…it is automatic, no matter where you’re from, no matter where you live now: When you go home and gather with friends and family, no matter how much you try to downplay it, lest they feel badly about their own circumstances (which we all know THEY SHOULDN’T!), the assumption about your life as an expat woman is set in stone.

You are a lady of luxury – even if you have the lead career in your expat family life. Your life is expedited for you by local government officials, you can park anywhere you want, but don’t have to because you have a driver,  and you and your family are free from financial strain, child-rearing and house-chores.

You know better, don’t you. Sure there may be little whispers of truth in some of these points, but pretty much…its not as carefree as your home-community believes.

Global Health Coach is a community of expat women from anywhere, living anywhere – so we should acknowledge that there are as many varieties of life circumstances as there are members of the community.

The goal behind Global Health Coach is to help expat women (and recently repatriated women) find time for self care every day. We encourage you to do what you need to do to bring balance to your life, but we are primarily focused on nutrition and exercise, which can be a huge obstacle for many. Finding great foods, experimenting with new foods, getting ahold of cravings that don’t serve your goals, and meeting the minimum target for exercise every day will help you maximize your time and experience whether you’re overseas, traveling or home for a while.

We have great things in store for you! We have group sessions and personal training, fitness coaching, nutrition counseling and body transformation opportunities. We can tailor programs that fit your needs an circumstances. We also help groups in the work environment and support the professional development of budding fitness professionals.

Sure. Things aren’t so bad as an expat woman. You are walking a special path that almost always leads back home. There are challenging hills and isolating deserts along your path, for sure…but at the Global Health Coach community – you have us!

Welcome to the tribe!


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